‘Punks’ featured in Constellations at Tate Liverpool

Constellations: Highlights from the Nation’s Collection of Modern Art 
Tate Liverpool 
Albert Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
L3 4BB

November 25, 2016-November 25, 2017 

Explore the links between artists and artworks in the Tate collection, Constellations. At the heart of each constellation is a ‘trigger’ artwork, chosen for its profound and revolutionary effect on modern and contemporary art.   Surrounding the trigger works are artworks that relate to it and to each other, across time and location.

Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon’s photographs of ‘Punks’ appear in the George Grosz Room

Sean O’Hagan’s review of ‘Gentlemen’ book at The Observer

The Observer / The Guardian, October 31 2016
Sean O’ Hagan
Gentlemen by Karen Knorr review – eminently clubbable
“It is this conceptually driven play of image and words that makes Gentlemen such a mischievous meditation on the sanctity – and absurdity – of these male institutions and the people that inhabit them. The portraits and the texts are not what they initially seem, the former being art-directed by Knorr to be both “natural” and revealing, the latter being constructed from parliamentary speeches of the time, as well as quotations from contemporary news reports. The end result is a kind of visual and linguistic mimicry that echoes, sometimes directly, sometimes obliquely, the language, values and beliefs of the English aristocracy. Among them is the belief in primogeniture – the right by law of the firstborn son rather than daughter to inherit the parent’s estate. Being born male, then, is, as Knorr suggests, the first privilege from which all others flow.”

You can read the full text HERE

‘Gentlemen’ Book Signing during Paris Photo

Recently published by Stanley/Barker book Gentlemen will be launched and signed by Karen Knorr

at Eric Franck / Augusta Edwards Booth (C34) 
Paris Photo, Grand Palais
on Thursday, November 10th, at 3:30pm

Yvon Lambert bookshop
108 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris
on Saturday, November 12th, from 6:30-7:30pm

The selection of the prints from this series will be exhibited at Eric Franck / Augusta Edwards (Booth C34).

Karen Knorr with Tasveer at Paris Photo

Tasveer Arts at Paris Photo 
10-13 November
Booth B03

This year at Paris Photo, Tasveer will present a selection of artworks that explore the history of creative photographic manipulation in India and highlight the fusion of photography and painting traditions. Alongside a selection of Manorath paintings, Tasveer will show work by Jyoti Bhatt, Karen Knorr, Flor Garduño and Waswo X. Waswo, which examines the transformative nature of the photographic medium.

Gentlemen book by Stanley/Barker

Karen Knorr’s Gentlemen, published this September by STANLEY/BARKER in collaboration with Eric Franck Fine Art, takes us inside the hallowed halls of the most venerable private gentlemen’s clubs of 1980s London, and considers the patriarchal values of the English upper classes with beautifully precise photographs and texts constructed out of speeches of parliament and the news at that time.

The complete series of 26 images and texts investigate the values that ally these classes to conservative aristocratic values where primogeniture (the right by law of the rstborn son to inherit his parent’s estate, in preference to daughters) is still an issue. Until the early 1970’s a married women still needed her husband’s endorsement for any household purchases. Whilst women now have full property rights, they still remain under-represented in key positions of governance and in nancial and academic worlds. It is still a boys club in which some women are honorary members.

More details and pre-order is here

Karen Knorr at symposium in Braga

KAREN KNORR at the symposium “RETHINKING PHOTOGRAPHY: Can Photography Make a Change?”


“Rethinking Photography” aims to give space for the discovery of ideas that define the contemporary thought, through the presence of artists from several territories of photography. Artists, historians and curators review the place of photography nowadays and, through their speeches, we will get to know the cultural and scientific practices that help us to think about the current representations of photography and the restraints in our roads to happiness. This multi- disciplinary gathering will explore topics ranging from the impact of technology in our lives, to documentary projects on the new ways of life in the pursuit of happiness, going through the autobiographical projects, all questioning the power of photography in contemporary times.
Panel: Brian Griffin, Karen Knorr, Neal Slavin Teresa Siza, Luiz Carlos Felizardo. Moderador: Rodrigo Orrantia


KAREN KNORR at ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM /International Photography Festival




The International Photography Festival ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM returns to the city of Braga to focus on the affective dimension, during a time of tremendous changes and upheavals. Alongside the current technological impulse that questions the limits of the visible, in which the image casts us to even further away places, to where the world is revealed through its most hidden and unexpected aspects, it seemed like the appropriate moment to promote an edition dedicated to the discovery of the other, appealing to the sentimental turn and to the simple and discreet quest for Happiness. 

Punks in Milano, Italy

Punk in Britain 

11 June – 28 August, 2016

Galleria Carla Sozzani

10 Corso Como, 20154 Milano, Italy

A selection of works from Punks (Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon) will be appearing in an exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the British punk movement. The other artists included are: Simon Barker, Dennis Morris, Jamie Reid, Shiela Rock and  Ray Stevenson. More info is here.