A God at the Door published by Tishani Doshi and group exhibition at Holden Luntz

A God at the Door published by Tishani Doshi and group exhibition at Holden Luntz

Karen Knorr’s London Studio is pleased to announce the UK publishing of Tishani Doshi’s fourth collection of poems A God at the Door by Bloodaxe Books which includes an image from India Song on the cover.

A God at the Door spans time and space, drawing on the extraordinary minutiae of nature and humanity to elevate the marginalised. These poems, taken together, traverse history, from the cosmic to the everyday. Tishani Doshi’s poetry bestows power on the powerless, deploys beauty to heal trauma, and enables the voices of the oppressed to be heard with piercing clarity. From flightless birds and witches, to black holes and Marilyn Monroe, A God at the Door illuminates with lines and images that surprise, inflame and dazzle.

Tishani Doshi is an award-winning poet and dancer of Welsh-Gujarati descent. In 2006, she won the All-India Poetry Competition, and her debut collection, Countries of the Body (Aark Arts), won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. Her first novel, The Pleasure Seekers (Bloomsbury, 2010), was longlisted for the Orange Prize and shortlisted for the Hindu Fiction Award. Her third poetry collection, Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry 2018 in the UK, and for the poetry category of the 2019 Firecracker Awards in the US.

Tishani Doshi on Karen Knorr: “It was a dream to have “Avatars of Devi” for the UK cover of my new collection of poems, “A God at the Door,” because it captured exactly what I believe the divine to be. A liminal threshold in the form of a doorway, along with symbols of the sacred and the profane. A magnificent lone Sarus crane, which mates for life, and a cheeky monkey looking straight at us. All pilgrimages lead us back to ourselves, and Karen Knorr’s work does just this.“

27 March–8 May: Rooms That Resonate with Possibilities at Holden Luntz Gallery

When we think of rooms most of us draw on mental pictures of predictable spaces that are very familiar and give us a sense of security. We tend to see, and live in a fixed and predictable diurnal environment.  But for many photographers rooms or interior spaces have often presented themselves as challenges and invitations to see creatively and not be hemmed in by social conventions. A room, as a subject, can resonate with potential possibilities. It can metaphorically be akin to an artist’s palette waiting to be brought to life through a new creation. The photographs of Karen KnorrMassimo ListriSandy SkoglundMichael EastmanJohn Dugdale and Bernard Faucon present new approaches and unique visions to picturing space.

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