Booking Open for Karen Knorr: Transmigrations at Cromwell Place

Augusta Edwards Fine Art
Cromwell Place, London
20–31 October 2021

Booking is now open for Karen Knorr’s solo exhibition ‘Transmigrations’ in Gallery 1 at 4 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JE. In her first one-artist show in the UK since her Tate Britain exhibition ‘Belgravia and Gentlemen’ in 2014, Augusta Edwards Fine Art will be featuring a selection of Knorr’s recent and past large-scale colour work including India Song, Monogatari and Fables.

Transmigrations refers to both displacement and reincarnation as well as to the migration of souls to an afterlife. In this age of climate change and of great migrations to come, where will our wildlife reside? Animals appear in Knorr’s photographs as signifiers of a radical alterity, or “otherness”, representing the vulnerable, displaced, and rejected. Animals in three series (India Song, Monogatari and Fables), set in India, Japanese  and European interiors, are the principal actors in a perpetual conflict between nature and culture. Humans are now both perpetrators and victims of the oncoming horrors of our warming earth.

In accordance with government guidance, face coverings are recommended during your visit to Cromwell Place unless you have a specific exemption. Click here to book your visit to Cromwell Place.

New A3 Print Edition: A Faithful Companion

Karen Knorr Studio is delighted to announce a new edition of 25 A3 prints of ‘A Faithful Companion’ produced with Augusta Edwards Fine Art on the occasion of ‘Transmigrations’ at Cromwell Place. An image of the work can be seen below.

Editions 1-15 Sold Out, 15-20 £1500, 20-25 £2000, AP1+AP2 £2500
(+VAT and postage)

Please contact Augusta Edwards with any enquiries: