Bristol Photo Festival Opening 18 May and Punk Features In Landscape Stories

Island Life: Photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation
Opening 18 May 2021
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
Bristol Photo Festival

Island Life draws upon photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation collection to show the changing fabric of our cities, society and collective identities. Focusing on post-war from the UK and Ireland, the exhibition will bring together images by over 60 photographers including Khali Ackford, Pogus Caesar, Elaine Constantine, Sian Davey, Chris Killip, David Hurn, Ken Grant, Karen Knorr, Markéta Luskačová, Graham Smith and Tom Wood. Collectively the images form a compelling study of national behaviour.

The exhibition includes photographs which document moments of historical significance including the poll tax riot, the Aberfan mine disaster and most recently, the BLM movement. Island Life traces the evolution of documentary photography in Britain, the photographers who influenced Parr and the younger generation he is influencing in turn.

The exhibition at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is part of Bristol Photo Festival—a new biennial festival with a year-round programme of commissions, collaborations, and exhibitions by both local and international artists. Full details can be found on the Bristol Photo Festival website.

Punks featured in Landscape Stories: Psychotic Reactions / / Beyond Music

From 1976 to 1977, Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon documented the London punk scene revolving around the Roxy in Covent Garden and the Global Village in Charing Cross. The first prints from their Punks series were originally presented at The Photographers’ Gallery in 1978, and featured many years later, in 2012, at Tate Britain in the retrospective titled Another London. These photographs are currently featured online in Landscape Stories #33: Psychotic Reactions / / Beyond Music.