India Song at ADAA Art Show in New York with Danziger Gallery

ADAA Art Show with Danziger Gallery
Park Avenue Armory, New York
3–7 November 2021

For the ADAA Art Show 2021, Danziger Gallery is pleased to present a solo booth of photographs by Karen Knorr – a 21st century bestiary showcasing a selection of her constructed animal pictures taken in India between 2003 and 2021.

While Knorr’s images take some of their inspiration from the Indian tradition of personifying animals in literature and art, there is another almost subconscious strain to her work.  We humans are unique in our drive to create and engage with the arts. Going back to the earliest cave paintings we see that these early visual artists not only recorded their lives and surroundings, but used art to express themselves. The depiction of animals in symbolic and powerful ways and the urge to create these images with the best tools at hand is a line stretching from these unnamed cave painters to Karen Knorr.  So if we define human experience by the culture we create, Knorr’s animals gift us with a unique and original expression of what it means to be human, and to see optimism and beauty in art.

Organized annually by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), and benefitting Henry Street Settlement, one of New York’s leading social service, arts, and health care organizations, The Art Show brings together the country’s top galleries to showcase incisively curated exhibitions of both historical and contemporary works.
Transmigrations Closes This Sunday at Cromwell Place, London

Book now to visit Karen Knorr’s solo exhibition ‘Transmigrations’ at 4 Cromwell Place in London before it closes on 31 October. In her first one-artist show in the UK since her Tate Britain exhibition ‘Belgravia and Gentlemen’ in 2014, Augusta Edwards Fine Art will be featuring a selection of Knorr’s recent and past large-scale colour work including India Song, Monogatari and Fables.