JANUARY 27 – FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Holden Luntz Gallery
332 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, Florida 33480


‘Constructed Space’ is a show about space, architecture, human inventiveness, and how we have historically viewed the world. It is about the adaptive use of space as well as how photographers handle three or even four dimensions and present bodies of work that are both unique, inventive, expansive, as well as aesthetically, and intellectually compelling.

Architecture has historically fascinated photographers because its purpose is to give structure to the world. It is a pleasure to present a photographic exhibition where the concerns and interests of architecture are both monumental and human; where time and space become the ultimate motivations to produce beautiful and fascinating images.

Karen Knorr, inspired by Conceptual art and Magical Realism, presents the viewer with the illusion of animals inside elaborate and luxuriant interiors. Knorr’s work conjures up the symbolism of parables and mythologies; anthropomorphic tales of morality and cultural significance that create a subtext as individual tales for each image. Knorr investigates the power and ancestry of these interiors, institutions of national identity and history, and the connotative and instructive characteristics we ascribe to animals by visualizing in the picture something unique and original to her; she shoots the architectural interiors and animals separately, joining them in post-production. What if our domestic tranquility was interrupted by the chaos of an animal invasion? Her pictures call into questions our assumptions of how we live in and use domestic spaces as well as how we relate to the greater world of nature.