Karen Knorr at Photo London 2017

May 18-21
Somerset House


Photo London was created to give London an international photography event befitting the city’s status as a global cultural capital. Now in its third edition, Photo London has established itself as a world-class photography fair and as a catalyst for London’s dynamic photography community.

Karen Knorr, whose work is in collections such as the Tate, Pompidou and Victoria & Albert museums will be showing a range of work at Photo London from the Lanesborough Series at Galerie Filles du Calvaire booth (G16), to the Ladies Series at Augusta Edwards booth (B4).

The Lanesborough is one of the most expensive hotels in the world, where the wealthy 1% strive to live the celebrity lifestyle. Rooms come with butlers and the hotel is a themed fantasy palace where the special few can find happiness and fulfil all their desires of a perfect weekend in London. The animals here are undressed to kill and are all very willing subjects for Knorr’s camera.

Ladies, uses image and text while Knorr explores contemporary women’s views of the 21st century continuing a documentary theme developed in Belgravia in the 1980’s contextualising her work in relation to recent work by emerging photographers.

Karen Knorr’s work can be viewed at:
Augusta Edwards (B4) 
Danziger Gallery (C4) 
Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (G16)