Karen Knorr Nominated for The Ooshot Award

Karen Knorr nominated for the first prize dedicated to commissioned photography

Karen Knorr is honoured to be counted amongst the three nominated photographers by Stéphane Magnan (Director, Les Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Paris) for the Ooshot Award, the first prize dedicated to commissioned photography. The Ooshot Award  was created by the visual content platform Ooshot. The Ooshot Award wishes to reward authors and artists whose visions are successfully used by brands, companies and institutions.

The Ooshot Award will reward a photographic commissioned work done by a professional photographer on behalf of a client. It concerns all the sectors where images are called upon to serve a communication objective: corporate, institutional, community, industry…, whatever its field of application: fashion, advertising, beauty, still life, culinary, reportage/documentary, portrait, etc. The prize only excludes press photography.

The Ooshot Award is sponsored by William Klein, internationally renowned painter, photographer and filmmaker, and author of many iconic advertising campaigns (Dim, Citroën, Naf Naf, Ricqlès…).

A jury composed of personalities from the world of image, business and communication will designate the winner and special mentions. They will meet on December 3, 2018.

The jury of the Ooshot Award is chaired by Alex Prager, photographer and filmmaker.