‘Ladies’ series is part of The Goa Photo Festival

Karen Knorr’s series ‘Ladies’ will be shown as part of the exhibition:


Curated by Anna Fox and Amit Sheokand

Artists: Martin Parr, Anna Fox, Natasha Caruana, Karen Knorr, Sharon Boothroyd, Jason Evans, Eileen Perrier, Nigel Shafran, Clare Strand, Anthony Luvera, Wendy McMurdo, Neeta Madahar, Trish Morrissey, Daniel Meadows, Gareth McConnell, Andrew Bruce

The idea that a photograph can represent who a person actually is has long been debated, and it has been generally accepted that though the image of a face and body represented in a photograph might tell you something about a time and a place, it does not so often tell you much about that individual person. This new exhibition brings together contemporary photographic portraits by British photographers of British subjects.