Masterpiece Art Fair & Group Exhibition in London with Sundarm Tagore Gallery

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Stand 412, South Grounds, The Royal Chelsea Hospital, London
30 June–7 July

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Cromwell Place, London
5–10 July

Karen Knorr will exhibiting works from India Song as part of two upcoming presentations in London with Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Masterpiece London Art Fair (30 June–7 July) and the group exhibition 20+ at Cromwell Place (5–10 July). Recently Karen Knorr presented the solo exhibition Transmigrations at Sundaram Tagore’s Chelsea gallery in New York.

For the first of a regular series of exhibitions at London’s new arts hub Cromwell Place, Sundaram Tagore Gallery are pleased to present painting, sculpture, installations and photography by a global group of artists representing more than two decades of gallery history.

When the gallery opened its doors in New York City in 2000, it was with a mission to show that some of the best, most meaningful art was being created by artists with a global outlook who were deeply engaged in cross-cultural explorations. The inter-mingling of cultures became, and remains, the premise of the gallery’s programming.


Miya Ando, Osi Audu, Edward Burtynsky, Golnaz Fathi, Kim Jae-Il, Karen Knorr, Jane Lee, Tayeba Lipi, Zheng Lu, Ricardo Mazal, Steve McCurry, Judith Murray, Robert Polidori, Sohan Qadri, Sebastião Salgado, Hiroshi Senju, Susan Weil, Robert Yasuda, Chun Kwang Young