Monogatari at Intersect Aspen Art & Design Fair With Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Intersect Aspen Art & Design Fair
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Booth A8
31 July–4 August 2022

Sundaram Tagore Gallery will be exhibiting a number of works from gallery artists at Intersect Aspen Art & Design Fair between 31 July–4 August at Aspen Ice Garden.

Works from Karen Knorr’s series Monogatari will be exhibited. The series, started in 2012, imagines animal life and Japanese cultural heritage referencing buddhist Jataka tales and Japanese stories.

Photographed in temples, shrines, ryokans and gardens in Kyoto, Nara, Ise and Tokyo, animals and women in traditional kimonos evoke screen art of the Edo period. Knorr, inspired by Japanese art (ukijo-e, screen painting) has produced a series of photographs of Japanese animals which appear in temples and shrines referencing the folktales of the supernatural such as Kaidan and Shinto kami (spirits).

Animals and nature depicted on gorgeous golden screens painted during the Edo period (16th century) by the Kano school of painters are found in castles, temples in Tokyo and Kyoto. Yurei and yokai, ghosts and supernatural monsters appear in Japanese folk tales published in Kibyoshi, genre of picture book, an early form of the comic book and more recently in Pokemon. They may possess animal like features or other times they can appear mostly human or take the shape of an inanimate object.

VIP PREVIEW BRUNCH (by invitation)
10–11 am Sunday, July 31

11 am–5 pm Sunday, July 31–Thursday, August 4

Aspen Ice Garden
233 W. Hyman Ave.
Aspen, CO 81611