Panel Discussion at The Finnish Museum of Photography—Women in Art: Is It All About Talent?

Women in Art: Is It All About Talent?

28 August, 5:30 pm
The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

The question of talent is often mentioned as justifying the absence of women in art exhibitions. But is it a question of talent?

On August 28 at 5.30 pm. we have the opportunity to welcome two photographers from France and the United Kingdom who are both actors in the feminism movement in their countries. Marie Docher and Karen Knorr who are in artist residency in the archipelago of Turku (AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo Finland) will be joined by Finnish photographers Elina Brotherus and Hertta Kiiski to talk about the situation of women in photography and more generally in art.

In 2014 Marie Docher decided to put figures on the invisibility of women photographers and calculated the sex ratios of the market and institutions. The numbers were appalling and she created a blog using a male name to connect research with audiences. This decision will lead to a series of public enquiries and conferences, which will lead to the fact that 47% of the exhibitions at the Rencontres Internationale d’Arles will finally be held by women. (This figure had remained below 20% in 50 years.)

In 2014, British photographers, Anna Fox and Karen Knorr initiated women in photography platform. It is designed to promote and engage with women in photography across the globe intending to provoke new debate and ensure that women are in the news and in the history books.

In this discussion the Finnish Museum of Photography is inviting different visions of women from Europe in a way to open our horizons to the future of photography.

Marie Docher (FR) Photographer, feminist, activist. Founder of La part des femmes Manifesto.

Karen Knorr (UK) Photographer, Iniator of the platform women in photography. Signatory of La part des femmes manifesto. Prof. of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts and Honorary Chair of Women in Photography at the Royal Photographic Society, Co-founder of Fast Forward with Anna Fox.

Elina Brotherus (FI) Photographer, Signatory of La part des femmes manifesto.

Hertta Kiiski (FI) Photographer, current artist exhibited at the museum – “Violet Sea”.

The talk is open and free to everyone. The talk is open to discussion.