Cupid's Desire
Aphrodite's Torso [Muses]
Echo's Voice [Muses]
Marianne [Muses]
Performing Galatea [Muses]
Selene's Dream [Muses]
The Aesthetic Judgement [Muses]
Portrait of a Girl [Majas]
Portrait of a Virgin [Majas]
The Apparition of the Virgin [Majas]
The Immaculate Conception [Majas]
The Two Virgins [Majas]
The Visitation [Majas]

Muses and Majas 2008–2009

Karen Knorr was commissioned to photograph two museums: the Louvre museum in Paris and the Lazaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid. In Muses and Majas she combines a contemporary representation of the female nude with historical representation such as the Virgin Marys and Aphrodites of these museums. Nudes wander in places which are reserved for tourists and spectators out of place and time. The aesthetics of beauty is explored through unexpected appearance of women personifying the idealised figures of classical antiquity.