Once Only Window Installation at White Conduit Projects in London

Once Only Only Once
White Conduit Projects, London N1 9EL
28 December 2020–14 February 2021

With the UK entering a third lockdown and galleries closed to the public, photographs from Karen Knorr’s series Monogatari will be exhibited in a window installation at White Conduit Projects in London.

Visible from the street, Karen Knorr’s works from Once Only Only Once which are undertaken in Daitoki-ji’s Obai-in temple in Japan. The translated title, “Ichi-go ichi-e” describes a cultural concept of treasuring meetings with people. The phrase means that each encounter happens only once in a lifetime and we should be grateful for every second of our lives with peace of mind.

Full details of the unique tray-framed edition available from White Conduit Projects is available for download from the Kyoto Projects section of the gallery’s website.

Monogatari is a series started in 2012, imagines animal life and Japanese cultural heritage referencing buddhist Jataka tales and Japanese stories. Photographed in temples, shrines, ryokans and gardens in Kyoto, Nara, Ise and Tokyo, animals and women in traditional kimonos evoke screen art of the Edo period. Knorr, inspired by Japanese art (ukijo-e, screen painting) has produced a series of photographs of Japanese animals which appear in temples and shrines referencing the folktales of the supernatural such as Kaidan and Shinto kami (spirits).