Heaven on Earth
Transmigration of the Soul
Rest on the Flight to Egypt
The Visitation
A Soul's Purgatory
Virgin with Child


Spirits 2001

Spirits, a series of digitally scanned analogue photographic works was made in Savigliano, town in the Piedmontese region of Italy and exhibited in Landscapes Paesaggi in Caraglio In September 2001. I was approached by the curator Andrea Busto and the Marcovaldo Cultural Association to reflect on the landscape and cultural heritage of Savigliano alongside artists Franco Fontana, Stephane Couturier, Jocelyn Alloucherie, Michel Semeniako (amongst others) in view of a future exhibition the works in the Palazzo Taffini, in Savigliano. I chose to photograph hunting trophies of local cranes and birds of prey and insert them in three sites in the town that had a common theatricality: the Theatre Milanollo, The San Fillippo Church, Palazzo Taffini. Pallazzo Muratoni- Cravetta. I was interested in the staging of spirituality in the baroque architectural spaces of this town. These sites were both places of sanctuary and opulent displays of power and wealth, subjects that my work had considered in previous series. The works are forms of still life called “memento mori“, meditative practices that serve as reminder of our own mortality and the transitory nature of earthly pleasures.