Paris Photo 2023

Paris Photo 2023 with Les Filles du Calvaire
Grand Palais Éphémère, Stand C16
9–12 November 2023

The gallery Les Filles du Calvaire will present a number of works from Karen Knorr’s India Song as part of Paris Photo 2023. Paris Photo is the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium and is held each November in the heart of Paris. Since 1997, the Fair’s mission is to promote and nurture photographic creation and the galleries, publishers and artists at its source.

Paris Photo brings together up to 200 exhibitors from across the world, offering collectors and enthusiasts the most diverse and qualitative presentation of photography-driven projects today. Leading galleries showcase historical and contemporary artworks from modern masters to young talents. Specialized publishers and art book dealers present unique and rare editions, as well as book launches and signature sessions with many of today’s most renowned artists.

Solo Exhibition and Artist Talk at Nordic Light Festival

Karen Knorr: Transmigrations
Nordic Light Festival, Kristiansund, Norway
26–29 October 2023

Artist Talk: 26 October 2023, 8pm
For a few days in the fall, on the rugged west coast of Norway, world-renowned photo legends, aspiring photographers, students and photography lovers gather in the small and charming Norwegian coastal town of Kristiansund. The Nordic Light festival program presents lectures, exhibitions, gallery talks, book signings, portfolio reviews and films, attracting photographers from all over the world.

As part of the festival the solo exhibition Karen Knorr: Transmigrations features a selection of Knorr’s recent and past work including India Song, Metamorphoses, and Fables. Transmigrations refers to both displacement and reincarnation as well as to the migration of souls to an afterlife. In this age of climate change and of great migrations to come, where will our wildlife reside? Will the situation lead to a redefinition of living space in favour of the natural world and the displaced tribes? Karen Knorr will present an artist talk as part of the opening night celebrations at the Caroline Conference Center.

Tint, Tone, Shade Opens at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Singapore

Tint, Tone, Shade
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore
2 September–15 December 2023

Sundaram Tagore Gallery are pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and photographs by gallery artists exploring the expressive power and potential of color.


Photographs by London-based American artist and activist Karen Knorr (b. 1954, Frankfurt), whose brightly colored images feature exotic animals fused into grand architectural settings. Tint, Tone, Shade includes the debut of two new works from India Song (2008–2023) and Fables (2003–2022) that are being exhibited for the first time.

Striking paper constructions by Detroit-based artist Neha Vedpathak (b. 1982, Pune, India), who employs vibrant rainbow hues to convey the fleeting, often imperceptible moment when we transition from one state of mind to another. 

Color Immersion at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in New York

Color Immersion: Chromatic Expressions From the 1960s to the Present
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA
20 July–25 August 2023

Sundaram Tagore Gallery are pleased to present color-saturated paintings and photographs by gallery artists that span a range of eras, aesthetics and techniques.

The show features striking abstract canvases by Robert Natkin (b. 1930, Chicago; d. 2010, Danbury, Connecticut), on view in the gallery for the first time. Associated with the Color Field and Lyrical Abstraction painters, Natkin was celebrated as an unsurpassed colorist and for the beauty of his large-scale abstract works. On his canvases, paint creates a seemingly infinite space in which iconographic details appear to hover or float through illusory depths. 
Alongside are paintings by longtime gallery artists

Intersect Aspen, USA and Karen Knorr: Belgravia in Tuscany, Italy

Intersect Aspen with Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Colorado, USA
1–4 August 2023

Sundaram Tagore Gallery are soon to be taking part in Intersect Aspen, where they will be exhibiting a selection of works from Karen Knorr’s India Song and Fables series. Intersect Aspen presents an art and design fair taking place each summer, in person at the Aspen Ice Garden. While fabulous in the winter months, Aspen in August is spectacular, and they are thrilled to host this special gathering, bringing together a selection of outstanding galleries, collectors, curators and art professionals.

Founded in 2000, Sundaram Tagore Gallery is a contemporary art gallery representing established and emerging artists from around the globe. They specialise in work that is aesthetically and intellectually rigorous, infused with humanism and art historically significant. Sundaram Tagore opened the gallery in 2000 in SoHo, with a mission to show that some of the best and most meaningful art was being created by artists deeply engaged in cross-cultural explorations.

On Living – With Taste dépendance Brussels, Belgium

On Living – With Taste
dépendance, Brussels, Belgium
Until 15 July 2023

David Hicks was an interior design star of the 60s who decorated rooms for the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne, a yacht for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and a nightclub on the QE2 ocean liner among others. In his eponymous practical design book On Living – With Taste (1968), he wanted to show readers how to use bold colour combinations, patterned carpets, light rooms, and mix bold antiques and modern furniture. Alongside photos of the redesigned rooms of the jet-set chic, the opinionated Hicks describes his interventions. He set some loose rules around eye-popping colour schemes and decorative tips, which, when applied, apparently cannot fail.

Hicks was not definite about good or bad taste but attempted to show one way of living with one sort of taste. He explained: “I am convinced that taste, whether it is good or bad, personal or impersonal, is formed by looking at things from the point of view of ownership – would you want this? Would we like that? We condition and change our taste by looking at examples of other people’s way of living in magazines, newspapers, exhibitions, and museums.”

Karen Knorr: Belgravia at Cortona On The Move Italy

Karen Knorr: Belgravia
Cortona On The Move 2023, Tuscany, Italy
13 July–1 October 2023

More or Less is the theme chosen for the 13th edition of Cortona On The Move, the international photography festival scheduled from 13 July to 1 October 2023 in Cortona, in the heart of Tuscany. The ‘highlight’ of the event will be, as every year, on the opening days of the festival (13-16 July), when the greatest national and international experts in the world of photography will meet in Cortona, to take part in events, presentations, talks and workshops, promoting reflection on current affairs and the past, through one of the best tools for investigating reality. More than 30 artists have been invited to interpret the dichotomy between ‘more and less’ in 26 exhibitions set up in the old town centre, the Medici Fortress of Girifalco, and ‘Station C’ near the Camucia-Cortona Station.

As part of the festival a solo presentation will focus on Karen Knorr’s Belgravia series (1979–81), comprising images and text, describes class and power amongst the wealthy during the early days of Thatcherism in London, showing the “everyday” of a privileged minority.

This is Britain Closing Soon at National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

This is Britain: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Closing 11 June 2023

Britain experienced profound changes in the 1970s and 1980s, when it was racked by deindustrialization, urban uprisings, the controversial policies of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Photography became a central form of creative expression during this period, supported and disseminated through new schools, galleries, artists’ collectives, magazines, and government funding.

This Is Britain brings together the work of a generation of photographers who were commenting on the deep unrest of these pivotal decades. Vanley Burke, Pogus Caesar, Anna FoxPaul GrahamSunil GuptaChris Killip, Karen KnorrSirkka-Liisa KonttinenMartin Parr, and others pictured communities, traditions, and landscapes affected by Britain’s shifting social and economic realities. Together, they photographed a nation redefining what it meant to be British and, ultimately, modern.

The exhibition includes four works from Karen Knorr’s Gentlemen (1981–1983) and Country Life (1983–1985) which are part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

Photo London & Solo Exhibition at White Conduit Projects in Islington

Photo London at Somerset House with Augusta Edwards Fine Art & The Hyman Collection
11–14 May 2023 (Preview Day 10 May 2023)

Karen Knorr: Every Encounter Treasured at White Conduit Projects, Islington
11–24 May 2023

Photo London opens next week at Somerset House in London bringing with it a flurry of photography across the capital. Karen Knorr’s work will be featured at the fair with the launching of a new limited edition print with Augusta Edwards Fine Art and as part of a group exhibition showcasing women photographers from The Hyman Collection. Outside the fair White Conduit Projects will present a solo exhibition of Knorr’s Monogotari worksand Belgravia is on view as part of a group exhibition at the Centre for British Photography.

Solo Exhibition: Every Encounter Treasured, White Conduit Projects, Islington, London
White Conduit Projects presents Every Encounter Treasured by Karen Knorr coinciding with Photo London, showcasing a selection of works from Japan and her Monogatari series including a number of small unique works.

Photo London – The Pavilion, Booth G15 : Launch of A3 Limited Edition Print, Augusta Edwards Fine Art

This Weekend: Dallas Art Fair with Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Dallas Art Fair
with Sundaram Tagore Gallery
21–23 April 2023

Please join Sundaram Tagore Gallery at Dallas Art Fair in Texas this weekend where they will present work from gallery artists Miya Ando, Edward Burtynsky, Golnaz Fathi, Karen Knorr, Zheng Lu, Carlos Rolo, Hiroshi Senju, Susan Weil and Chun Kwang Young. A selection from Karen Knorr’s India Song will be on view.

Founded in 2000, Sundaram Tagore Gallery is a contemporary art gallery representing established and emerging artists from around the globe. The gallery specialises in work that is aesthetically and intellectually rigorous, infused with humanism and art historically significant. Our artists produce museum-calibre paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations with a strong emphasis on materiality. The gallery also has a robust photography program that includes some of the world’s most noted photographers. The gallery’s artists and photographers are well represented in renowned museums worldwide.